The enormous responsibility of fatherhood, and the fears this evokes, can prevent you from getting the most out of family life initially, but if you learn to play an active role, helping with nappy –changing, bath time, or putting to bed , you will soon feel relaxed and confident with your baby .

Feeling neglected

It’s a simple fact that newborn babies can take up every second of a mother’s  time in the early weeks, and that fathers often feel neglected, or even jealous of the baby. This is only natural because your partner now has new focus to her life and it is not you. Tell your partner how you feel before this builds up into resentment and causes harm to your relationship. You could also take a more active role n caring for your baby.

Feeling left out  

Many new fathers wrongly assume that their partner is coping perfectly well without any help from them but you may be surprised to learn  just how much she needs you . just knowing that you are there helps your partner. If  you feel  excluded because you cannot share in breastfeeding , perhaps your partner could express some milk into a bottle so that  you can help with the feeding too, including in the middle  of the night.

Being scared of your baby

Babies seem to be fragile little creatures, and many men are scared to do anything other than hold them unless they have had younger brothers and sisters. Babies are, in fact, quite resilient to inept handling – as long as you don’t drop them on their heads. Try to overcom your fears by watching your partner or midwife and then offer to help bathe and change your baby to give your partner a rest.

Getting to know your baby

You will come to feel close to your baby through the daily loving contact and care: by changing nappies , giving baths, cuddling, stroking and talking .

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