When it comes to infertility, mostly, women are the ones targeted. People often neglect the fact that men to have equal role to play in a pregnancy. And any health related issue related to them can hinder the process. Infertility isn’t limited to women, men also get affected by it.

Male infertility is often caused by problems ranging from physical disturbance to hormonal and psychological problems. In most cases, testicular damage that results into no sperm production, leads to infertility in men. Apart from testicular damage, the other two major causes of male infertility include poor sperm quality and the minimum level of sperm production.


*Too much alcohol that eventually leads to its abuse.

*Sperm count reduction and poor sperm cell performance that arise due to smoking.

*Prolonged use of recreational drugs such marijuana among others.

*Intense exercise activities that mostly produce high levels of adrenaline hormones that lead to testosterone deficiency.

*Exposure to environmental activities that include use of toxin producing material such as paint, lead and herbicides.

*Lack of enough vitamin C in the daily food intake.

*Wearing tight clothing such as under wears which create more heat around the scrotum area that disrupts the sperm production activity.

*Use of anabolic steroids that cause testicular shrinkage.

*Abnormal stress levels and malnutrition.


However, there are various cases of male infertility caused by hormonal problems though these causes do not contribute much to the problem. The brain activity must coordinate well in order to manufacture and produce healthy sperms and it can under-perform when the following occur:

* Failure to release gonadotropin releasing hormone in a proper manner because this hormone stimulates the pathway that enables testosterone synthesis and sperm production.

* Failure to produce adequate lutenizing hormones and those follicle stimulating hormones that ensure sperm production.

* Production of other chemical components that hinder sperm production which interfere with sexual hormone stability.


* Hyperprolactinemia: This is a situation where high elevation of prulactin often reduces sperm production, libido and also cause impotence among males.

* Panhypopituitafism: This is a situation where there is complete failure of pituitary gland which lowers greatly the sperm growth hormones, LH and FSH level and thyroid stimulating hormones. Severe symptoms such as decreased libido, impotence, lethargy and loss of sex characteristics like undersize testicles.

* Hypogonadotropic Hypopituitarism: It is also referred to as low output of LH and FSH glands. This condition causes loss of germ cells in the testes and thus enables the seminiferous tubules to deteriorate. Also this condition makes sure that it arrests sperm growth and development.

* Congenital adrenal hyperplasia: It is a rare condition that normally happens when there is increased level of adrenal androgen which comes about because of the suppressed pituitary.

This condition causes low sperm count, low and poor testicular function that will disturb libido among other minor symptoms.

* Hypothyroidism: This is a condition normally called low thyroid level. Its symptoms include poor semen quality, poor testicle activity and eventual interference with libido. This condition is however not very common in male.


* Damaged sperm ducts: It’s a condition that does not allow transportation of sperm in the sperm duct from the testicles up to the penis.

* Torsion: This is a condition caused by supportive tissue abnormality which makes testes to

twist inside the scrotum that cause extreme swelling.

* Infection and diseases: Infections and diseases like mumps, brucellosis, gonorrhea among others often cause testicular atrophy. This leads to low sperm number and reduced sperm motility.

* Retrograde ejaculation: It’s a condition in which semen is ejaculated into the body’s bladder instead of the right passage urethra.

* Variocoele: It’s a condition that is shown by the enlargement of the spermatic veins that enable blood to drain from the testicle back to the heart through the abdomen.


*Erectile dysfunction: It’s a condition that results from many factors and often leads to impotence, a situation where sperms become infertile.

*Premature ejaculation: It often occurs even before the man places his penis in woman’s vagina.

*Ejaculatory incompetence: A situation where a man can ejaculate during masturbation and fails to ejaculate when in sexual intercourse with a woman.

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